Absolute Radio becomes first European radio station on Amazon’s Kindle by Paul Brown

We are continually reviewing new connected devices to the market that are capable of live and on-demand audio and giving our community of audiences the ability to hear us wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Taking our content to the listener and giving them the choice is an important part of our ‘listen strategy’. The One Golden Square Labs team have the tough job of playing with new toys and figuring out how we can be heard.

So what’s next? Well, lots in fact plus there’s a little something that you may have heard of called an Apple iPad we have installed the new SDK and I know the team are really looking forward to that package arriving sometime soon!

If you find a device that we cannot be heard on, why not leave us a comment and challenge the team? We do like a challenge!

In the meantime, take a look at what we’ve done with the Amazon Kindle in the video below.



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  1. Marty from new yawk @ February 1, 2010 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    Paul, Congrats!

    I am just wondering how far we are from having chips implanted on one’s person in order to listen.

    Another thing I was considering was having the Absolute Radio programme schedule embedded in my tombstone (hopefully the need for a tombstone is a way’s off). And if my tombstone was a listening device, so much more reason to come and pay respects.

    Your team has just scratched the service. Keep up the good work!

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