Kate O’Sullivan by Vince Lynch

Take a good look at your reflection in the mirror or, better yet, use the screen on your darkened phone.

Peer into the lines on your face. Notice the permanent crease between your eyebrows and the laugh lines that sprawl from the corners of your eyes; note the dimple indent and the forehead wrinkles from ‘interested’ expressions. 

Imagine the wealth of emotions you’ve felt and the time it took to acquire those lines: the big smiles, the unsure grimaces, the complex combinations of mechanics inspired by honest emotions!

Now, we’ve found a voice-over artist that is a personal trainer for your face muscles. Her name is Kate O’Sullivan and she specializes in laugh lines, shock reflexes and perplexed involuntary happiness spasms. She’ll turn your drippy lip quivers into buff Elvis-style lip curls. She’s the new female voice of Absolute Radio and we hope you enjoy your work-out.


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  1. Geoff @ January 12, 2014 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    Love Kate and Dave—Great imaging!

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