Christian O’Connell: Man on Wireless

We’ve announced today that multi award-winning Absolute Radio presenter Christian O’Connell is going to stage a unique and never-seen or heard before radio event – ‘Man on Wireless’. It’s actually two shows in one – an unscripted 60 minute live national radio show, with no music or adverts, on Absolute Radio in an edgy late night slot. And it’s also being broadcast from a stage in a theatre in London’s West End, in front of a live audience.

With loads of surprises and absolutely no safety net, the night will feature Christian O’Connell as he tries to make a show using the audience in front of him. They will be cast as his Producers, sidekicks and interviewers.

As soon as Christian comes on stage, the mics go live… to the nation! Everything the audience hears is what the listeners hear too. This will be edge of your seat radio, and what live performing is all about. It’s a real live event, and a show that will never be the same again. The audience in the room are the building blocks with which Christian must make a national radio show. Anyone tuning will be able to hear Christian succeed or die on his backside live on air.

Speaking about the show, presenter Christian O’Connell says, “Man on Wireless is me out of my comfort zone, without the safety net of Richie, my wingman, or the songs or adverts. My listeners are such a part of what I do every morning – this feels like a great way of really playing with that. If it all goes horribly wrong expect to hear the best hits of Del Amitri on the back-up tape – that’s how you’ll know whether it’s worked or not.”

Christian O’Connell’s ‘Man on Wireless’ will be happening at the Soho Theatre, London on the 19th of March. It will be broadcast live on Absolute Radio, nationwide from 10-11pm.

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