Absolute Radio Launches on Boxee

Just a couple of weeks after the launch of our pioneering Xbox app we are very happy to announce a brand new platform where you can listen to Absolute Radio’s portfolio of stations – Boxee.

Boxee is a set-top box that brings Internet content to your television, giving it ‘Smart TV’ functionality.; designed and built entirely in-house, the Absolute Radio Boxee app provides all of our radio streams alongside real-time now playing information and tweets.

Built from the start to be multi-platform, this app also powers the Google TV version and works with HTML5 audio or Flash as well as taking advantage of our brand new Ogg Opus streams on supported platforms. By choosing to build as a web app new features can be added and be immediately available across multiple platforms.

An incredible 78% of all of all listening to Absolute Radio is done via a digital platform.