Absolute Radio Logged in Listeners Influence Playlist by Anthony Abbott

The One Golden Square Labs team has been busy finding inventive ways to showcase the capabilities of Absolute Radio’s InStream product – a rich media, one-to-one advertising platform on a one-to-many broadcast stream. Our latest InStream campaign – built in partnership with award-winning digital agency Spriing – features our first Dynamic HTML visual companion ad, which allows logged-in listeners request songs while simultaneously hearing more information about the promotion through their speakers.

Using our database of tracks played on Absolute Radio, the accompanying interactive ad unit presents the listener with a selection of songs that we haven’t played for a while – After a bit of fine-tuning, we settled on songs that we’ve played in the last six months, but not for the last three – that’s more than 500 songs! The listener can request one of these songs with just one click of their mouse, or choose another song to send directly sent to our music team. The requested song can then be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Because Absolute Radio Account holders share a few details with us in return for fewer adverts and more music, song requests from the ad unit are seamless, requiring no personal information to be shared by the listener. We’re also using InStream’s platform targeting capabilities to provide mobile listeners with different messaging and call-to-action. We already receive a lot of song requests via SMS from people on the move, so we decided to provide mobile logged-in listeners with a tap-to-text method of entry. Simply tapping on the campaign’s InStream visual will open a new SMS message on their phone, with our 81215 short-code pre-filled.

It’s been fascinating to see the instant response we’ve had since scheduling the campaign. For every ad break where the ‘Haven’t Heard It For Ages’ advert is heard, our music team receives another burst of song requests, demonstrating the power of combining the immediacy of radio with the improved targeting and deeper level of engagement you get from connected platforms.

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