A RAJAR Overview by Tony Moorey, Content Director

With a couple of weeks of perspective on the most recent set of listening figures it is all the more clear that there were two clear winners in Q4 2012, digital radio and the BBC Radio 2/ 6 Music team.

A single fact demonstrates both – for the first time ever, a BBC digital radio station has beaten one of its FM networks. With 14.7m hours, 6 Music has a greater share of radio listening than Radio 3’s 13.3m listening hours.  I am not sure if this has yet been marked within the corporation, as the Licence Fee focuses management on reach rather than hours, but the truth is that 6 Music is now listened to more than Radio 3. A milestone not just for the team in Western House, but for digital radio as a whole.

Radio 2’s lead is clear in the above weekday half-hour shares graph, this particular chart being important for Absolute Radio as it shows our progress for all men 15+ against our competitive set. Removing Radio 2 at the top and the 6 Music / Xfm pair below shows more clearly the competitive nature of the London market for all men and the progress Absolute Radio has made.

The Absolute Radio Network (black line) now leads the competition throughout the day from 8am to 7pm and the Absolute Radio station (purple line) leads the pack at Breakfast, daytime and Hometime. In terms of overall adult listening we are on a clear upward trend, as the final graph of One Golden Square’s RAJAR history shows.

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