Absolute Radio Deliver Largest Single Branded Content Giveaway In Station History with Skyfall Promotion

Absolute Radio will be giving away £20,000 in cash to one lucky listener this Friday following a week-long station promotion for Skyfall, the UK’s most successful film of all time and the latest in the James Bond franchise, which is now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD. The cash prize will set the station record for the largest single sum of money given away for a Branded Content promotion.

The competition is driven by the Christian O’Connell Breakfast show who have informed listeners that Rock N Roll Football host, Ian Wright, has been fictionally wiped off the planet, just like James Bond in Skyfall and it’s their mission to locate him to win the cash. Each day pre-recorded clues voiced by Wrighty will play out across the station urging listeners to make note of his whereabouts. This Friday listeners must text in the first letter of each answer to the daily clues for the chance to be brought to air with Christian and Ian Wright where the ultimate winner will be announced.

Wrighty’s pre-recorded clues will then continue to disrupt programming across the station schedule each day, playing out within all show editorial, presenter live links and even during certain songs. This is the first time that the Absolute Radio playlist will be interrupted to make way for a commercial client’s messaging, allowing the disruptive nature of the clues to create huge standout for the Skyfall Blu-ray and DVD promotion.

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