Abbey Road Acoustic Sessions with Absolute Radio


Absolute Radio and Abbey Road Studios, the most famous recording studios in the world, are set to stage a follow-up event in a new series which provides a platform for new and emerging artists hand-picked to perform a session with George Barnett (5th March)and Dexters (25th March) who will perform to a select and intimate audience in Studio 3 with their performances and interviews filmed and available to watch on demand at The content will be broadcast on the stations two new music shows; Sunday Night Music Club on 7th April from 10pm, presented by Pete Donaldson and Unknown Pleasures presented by Geoff Lloyd

Best known as the location of many of Pink Floyd’s great recordings, Studio 3 has also recently played host to sessions from Florence + the Machine, Paul McCartney and the very last recording by Amy Winehouse.

George Barnett is an emerging artist from The Midlands who sings, plays drums, piano, guitar, bass, trumpet and harmonica. He also writes, produces and records all of his own material.

Dexters are Tom Rowlett (vocals), Chris Heggie (guitars), Ben Debo (lead guitar), Vincent Dignnan (bass) and Chris Mardon (drums). The band formed in 2011 after growing up together on estates in the rougher part of East London. Described by the NME as “Brash guitar anthemia of the very highest quality”, their sound merges a wide range of influences from the melodies of the LA’s to the sheer, punk visceral aggression of The Clash and The Specials and the narrative packed lyrics of The Kinks.

Previous new and emerging artists that have performed as part of Absolute Radio Presents the Abbey Road Acoustic Sessions have included Born Blonde, Bwani Junction, Iko and Oli Wennink.

Abbey Road Studios is the home of recordings by many artists that sit at the very core of Absolute Radio’s playlist including Radiohead, Oasis, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine, Sting and Paul McCartney. The studios also have an established reputation in the world of film with, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Skyfall amongst the award-winning scores recorded there.

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