Audi to fit DAB as standard on all new cars

Digital Radio UK and Audi have announced that from April 2013 new Audi models in the UK will now have digital radio fitted as standard. When you’re driving in your brand new Audi you’ll be able to tune into Absolute Radio as well as our network of brands; digital offerings – Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s and Absolute Classic Rock.

You’ll be able seamlessly scroll through main station and digital programming to enjoy the Absolute Radio experience along with a combined network audience of 3.3million listeners. The Absolute Radio Network continues to lead the industry in developing applications for the web and new and emerging platforms, including mobile, wi-fi radio, next-generation DAB, smart TV and Xbox. We command 75.9% of our listenership via a digital platform, compared to an industry average of 33.0%.

Audi will also introduce a range of digital radio adapters to enable motorists to retro–fit all existing Audi models with a fully integrated digital radio. Currently one third of all new cars sold in Q4 2012 have digital radio fitted as standard in the UK. This compares with 20.8% in Q4 2011 and just 7.5% in Q4 2010.

Ford, VW and Vauxhall have all recently announced their intent to introduce digital radio as standard in their new models and CAP/SMMT data for January 2013 shows that BMW, Mini, Land Rover and Jaguar are already fitting digital radio as standard into all new models.

The decision for vehicle manufacturers to offer digital radio as standard is prompted by increasing consumer demand from drivers who are listening to digital radio stations at home. As national and local DAB coverage expands, the Government will make an in-principle announcement later this year on its plans for a digital radio switchover.

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