Geoff Gets Beano’d in Birthday Surprise


Our Absolute Radio Hometime host Geoff Lloyd’s boyhood dreams were realised this week when, to his shock, he discovered himself in the latest edition of iconic children’s comic – The Beano. The publication date on the front of the comic is April 20th – Geoff’s 40th Birthday!

The discovery came as a complete surprise to Geoff who had the editor of The Beano, Michael Stirling on his Hometime show as a guest last year. Lloyd thought his co-host Annabel Port and producer Gareth Evans were behind the surprise but they were none-the wiser.

Geoff noticed a tweet from a listener saying that someone in The Beano looked like him. He proceeded to buy himself a copy and, to his delight, found a cartoon version of himself interviewing Dennis the Menace’s Dad before being promptly water-bombed by Dennis.

Geoff said:

I’m in The Beano! THE ACTUAL BEANO! My Nan used to buy the comic for me every week as a boy, so I am beyond giddy. You can’t imagine how excited I was to see myself being water-bombed by Dennis the Menace.

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  1. marty from new yawk @ April 20, 2013 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    Happy Birthday, Geoff! Is it ironic that Beano is an over the counter medication in the States designed to preclude flatulence?

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