News: Absolute Radio Network Adds Over Half-A-Million Listeners in New Record


The Absolute Radio Network has added a huge 590,000 listeners, taking the audience to a total of 3.8 million, an increase of (+18.6%) Yr on Yr. In addition, the Network’s London listenership is now 1.4 million, a +19.6% increase Qtr on Qtr and (+8.2%) Yr on Yr.

The Network has also grown its listening hours by 2.2 million, jumping from 25.1m to 27.3m hours (+8.8%) Yr on Yr (+6.4%) Qtr on Qtr. This is more great news for our commercial partners with over 90% of airtime, sponsorship and promotions activity being carried across the network.

Yr on Yr the main station’s performance is following the strong trajectory of the Absolute Radio Network, totalling 2.0 million listeners, up +17.5% Qtr on Qtr (+12.5%) Yr on Yr. The rise was bolstered by London listening, now at 1.0 million – a +25.8% increase Qtr on Qtr.

Off the back of an unprecedented ten Sony Radio Academy Gold Awards in ten years, The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show achieved a record high of 1.53 million reach, adding just over 100,000 listeners, (+8.8%) Qtr on Qtr, with hours also up by (+7.3%).
Within the brand’s family of digital services, Absolute 80s posted record audience figures ensuring that it remains the biggest all-digital commercial radio station in the country with 1.2 million listeners, up 307,000 (+35.5%) Yr on Yr and 187,000 (+19%) Qtr on Qtr. The station’s hours also increased significantly by (+37.1%) Yr on Yr and (+12.5%) Qtr on Qtr.

Absolute Classic Rock also posted record reach, increasing listeners by 108,000 Yr on Yr, taking it to 492,000 (+28.1%) and adding 81,000 listeners Qtr on Qtr (+19.7%). The station’s hours followed suit increasing by (+35.8%) Qtr on Qtr and (+6.2%) Yr on Yr. Absolute Radio 90s posted a massive increase in reach Yr on Yr adding 95,000, taking it to 509,000 listeners – a rise of (+22.9%). 90s hours also saw a steady uplift Yr on Yr with a (+4.1%) increase.

Across commercial radio, digital radio listening has increased to 36.8% from 34.3%. The Absolute Radio Network continues to show a consistent performance here, with 76.3% of all listening being via a digital platform – double the industry average. Notably, internet listening for the radio industry has jumped from 5.0% to 6.0% Qtr on Qtr to its biggest ever level. The news bodes well for us as we continue to champion our award-winning InStream targeted advertising with commercial partners.

Source: RAJAR / Ipsos – MORI / RSMB, period ending July 2013, all stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA.

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