Category: Technology

Radio at the Edge 2009 by Adam Bowie

Yesterday in London saw the Radio Academy’s Radio at the Edge conference. Hosted by James Cridland, it saw lots of talk and discussion about the future of radio, audio, websites, interactivity, and all things related to radio in the UK (and beyond). A few highlights: Mikko Linnamaki from and Mark Rock from Audioboo talked [...]

Microphone Elastics by Stuart “Eddie” Edwards

Recently, “Eddie” from our engineering department described in intricate detail, what he had to do to music playing on our phone system. That proved so popular, we thought you’d appreciate his recent detailed note about how to place elastics on microphones should you find them tangled. While this probably has limited general appeal, we hope [...]

Absolute Radio Stats by Adam Bowie

Today, Absolute Radio is launching our new Stats page. As it says on the page on itself, in our ongoing attempt to be as open as we possibly can, we’re starting to release some of our internet listening figures. These are taken from our audio streams, and is based on information derived directly from our [...]

Music On Our Phones by Eddie

Yesterday, Stuart “Eddie” Edwards, our Technology Services Manager sent the following email: I’m very happy to say that we now have music on hold for our office phone system. You might think it was easy to do (seeing as we deal with audio all day long), but it was actually rather complicated. Anyway, not only [...]

Absolute Radio and the Pure Sensia

We’ve got some cool news about how our listeners can access Absolute Radio on a groundbreaking new radio which launches today. As new technology arrives it gives us a whole range of new ways to offer more information and interaction to anyone listening. Which is why we’ve been working with the team at Pure on [...]